Bee Productive is an exciting mix of hands-on audio production, training and consultancy services.

With his live music background, Rob Bee’s clients benefit from a rare combination of techy and creative. So if you need fresh ideas or technical assistance, he is the person to talk to about all things audio.

Whether he’s working on audio for TV or radio, showreels or audiobooks, telecoms systems or corporate training videos, Rob promises to make things as simple as possible and still exceed your expectations.

Another essential value-for-money investment was a visit from studio supremo Rob Bee 🐝  from Bee Productive, who made sure everything was sounding gorgeous. Thanks Rob!

Katie Flamman

My studio after Rob has been in and sorted it out for me. It sounds amazing! The acoustics are fantastic. He’s done such a great job and I’m really happy with it… it’s incredible!

Rebecca Courtney