Bee Productive is an exciting mix of hands-on audio production, training and consultancy services.

Whether Rob is working on audio for TV or radio, showreels or audiobooks, telecoms systems or corporate training videos, or supporting voiceovers, he promises to make things as simple as possible and still exceed your expectations.

Fran Guy | Voiceover

Rob offers great peace of mind to the techno shy Vo like myself. I now have a foible free studio with the right kit in it for me.  This was achieved calmly and confidently by someone who understands VO. If you’ve any niggling doubts or it’s time to upgrade and you’re not sure what you need, invest in a bit of Bee time!

Fran Guy

Kenny Blyth | BlythVoice

The reaction to my most recent commercial demos was great, and the production on them was mentioned numerous times. Because of Rob’s commercial past, he has a fantastic ear and his editing skills are second to none. Helpful, efficient, friendly attention to detail and always top drawer.

Kenny Blyth