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Vox 2013

Those of you who follow me on Twitter ( @bee_productive ) or like my Facebook page ( ) will have heard mention of VOX over recent months. VOX is an event that has now happened, and here is my account of it!

My VOX lanyard

Firstly just a quick explanation of what VOX is. VOX is the UK’s conference for all those involved in the voiceover industry. As far as I’m aware it’s the only one there is and so it provides a valuable opportunity for all those who work alone in dark cupboards (called ‘voicing booths’) all year to discover for themselves what this ‘daylight’ thing that people talk about actually is. It also offers the chance for people who talk daily via ISDN, email, twitter and facebook to actually see each other and buy the drinks for people that they’ve been promising to. Coupled with that there are a high number of producers and production companies in attendance, and so a valuable marketing opportunity exists.

The VOX USB pen

A few months ago I was very pleased to be given the opportunity by the organising team  to be one of a number of sponsors of the event by assisting in the production of USB pen drives containing voiceover showreels which were then handed out to the attending production companies at the event. Focus Music supplied the pen drives, the voiceovers who wanted to subscribe to the offer supplied their finished showreel and my job was simply to copy all the audio and contact details supplied to me onto 100 USB pens. In exchange for this I got the Bee Productive logo plastered all over the VOX website and space for an exhibition stand.

My Stand. No-one ate the sweets.

So the day arrived and it was a beautiful sunny April day (I say that as if they’re all like that!). I was there early to set up my stand and hand over the pens. Once I got set up I was essentially there as a participant and so I took advantage of the seminars and discussions that were put on during the day as well as the free coffee and pastries that were sponsored by other delegates. A day of meeting and greeting, chatting, putting faces to names and voices, attending discussions and overdosing on caffeine was topped off by a dinner and entertainment into the night and a fair way into Sunday morning.

Rob pretending to know what he’s talking about, Mel Hampshire pretending to be interested. (Photo by Gina Mellotte)

In a nutshell, that was the event. I think it was a very good day. The venue and facilities were great, the day ran like clockwork (nothing overran without permission!), the room was full of like-minded people with plenty of prospective new business. Personally I would have liked a more in-depth production seminar, but those involved in audio production have many more conferences to go on, so we can’t really begrudge voiceovers having their day.

This was the first time I’ve attended VOX, it won’t be the last.


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