Studio Tickling Tours.

Those of you who follow me on social media may have seen posts where I announce that I’m about to do what I call a Studio Tickling Tour and ask interested parties to get in touch. I thought it was about time that I explained exactly what a Studio tickling Tour is so you can decide whether it is of interest to you.

studio20tickling20tour_zpsfiiptmfgSTTs (as I shall now call them, because I’m too lazy to type ‘Studio Tickling tour’ every time) are based around a geographical location – most of them have been London based – where I am staying for a few days. During the time of my visit I make appointments to go and see voiceover artists in their studios, where I can provide a number of services. The name ‘Studio Tickling Tour’ (Damn it! Couldn’t use STT there!) denotes that a lot of these appointments are to check people’s set-ups and make sure that everything is working properly and make minor adjustments to ensure the VO in question is getting the best out of their studio. Minor adjustments, hence just ‘tickling’ the studio. These visits will take an hour or maybe two and provide peace of mind to many of my clients.

But that’s not the only kind of service I can undertake whilst I’m on my travels. I can take on longer jobs as well. On previous trips I’ve spent longer at a studio troubleshooting bigger problems. I’ve taken time with VOs and provided training in software or editing techniques or advising on sound-proofing and acoustic treatment. I’ve even helped out with longer-term studio upgrading projects making several visits over a few trips (and providing telephone/Skype support between tours). Plus I’m open to requests and suggestions of how I should spend my time while I’m away from my studio, so if you have any requests please get in touch.

voiceover20studio_zpsoxqas73xAlthough these trips are sort of based in a city I will travel quite far if it’s viable to do so. I have been to the South Coast while on a ‘London’ trip. And I will always make stops while I’m en route to my location of choice, so if you live somewhere between London and Manchester you can always ask and see if I can pop over to see you while I’m getting from A to B – I don’t mind detours and have previously considered Bristol, Guilford, Chelmsford and Leicester as being between Manchester and London.

So if you have any needs for your home studio and you think I may be in the area soon please get in touch and I’ll do my best to come and see you. And even if you don’t think I’ll be in the area soon get in touch and I may be able to plan a Studio Tickling Tour around you.