A sound a day – January

February dawns and I’m a month into my Sound A Day project.

I was a bit reluctant to take the project on because it is a bit of a challenge in terms of the time it takes and having to find new sounds every day when there are days when I don’t leave the house. But one month in and so far I’ve really enjoyed doing it. It has made me leave the house when I otherwise had no need to, and the technical challenge of figuring out how best to capture some of the sounds I’ve recorded has been fun (not all attempts have been successful, and those sounds haven’t made it as far as publishing, but further attempts will be made).

The most popular recording of January at the moment is from Jan 25th. This one isn’t available for download on Freesound, but most of the other recordings I’ve made are.

The most downloaded recordings (at the time of writing) are the airlock bubbles from January 24th, the robin from January 2nd, and the tram stop from January 19th.

But I think my favourite of the month has to be the recording I made of Holly – one of my rabbits – drinking from a bowl. She’s a noisy bugger.

Don’t forget that if you want to use these recording as a sound effect in your project as many as possible will be made available at freesound.org. My page is here.