Bee Productive is owned and run by Rob Bee, a sound engineer with many years of professional experience behind him.

Rob started out – as many engineers do – playing in a band as a teenager and having to scratch together PA systems for gigs and recording equipment to make demos. He soon found he was the go-to guy whenever his musical friends needed some technological assistance.

After enrolling at Manchester’s School of Sound Recording in 1998, Rob took a job working at one of the country’s leading voiceover production studios where he become their senior production engineer, responsible for quality controlling the studio’s output and training junior engineers. In 2012 he set up Bee Productive.

Rob remains as passionate about sound as he was as a teenager, but now he has the experience, knowledge and wisdom to go with it.

Rob Bee is half of B Double E Ltd – a media production company offering a range of media production, audio solutions and branding, website and creative support services. To find out more, visit B-Double-E.co.uk

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