not a blog

So last month, with the best intentions in the world I was too busy to write a new blog. Sorry about that (well, sort of sorry. I was earning an income so I can’t be too sorry!). This month I  knew the same would be the case, but I didn’t want to miss 2 months … More not a blog


It’s been a busy month this month, so I’ve not had opportunity to think about and prepare a blog. So here’s an account of my musical awakening instead. I grew up in a musically fairly conservative household. My parents owned an average number of records which consisted of my Mum’s Beatles LPs and a lot … More Epiphany

Mic choice for VOs

This month I thought I’d have a brief look at microphones. These are obviously a massively important part of the recording chain and a huge topic to write about, so this time I want to skip the basics (I could well return to those at a later date) and consider microphone choice for voiceovers. So … More Mic choice for VOs

Try not to breathe

Time to write a blog that’s about actual sound production methinks… I need you to listen to this audio clip before you read further. Over the course of this year I’ve been reading quite a few blogs written by people involved in the VO industry. Some have been written by voiceovers, and some by producers … More Try not to breathe

Digital revolting

As I sit to write this blog I’m not at home. I’m sitting in a little holiday cottage in Suffolk enjoying a well earned break (well I think it’s well earned anyway). So you may be forgiven in thinking that I’m closed for business, but you’d be wrong. This opportunity seems as good as any … More Digital revolting

Sound thinking

Picture the scene. My band are booked to play at an event which is a multi media conference (rather than a multimedia conference). We have a brief soundcheck and then wander off for a bit. When we re-enter the venue before we play the venue manager greets us and says that they’re having real problems … More Sound thinking