Vox 2013

Those of you who follow me on Twitter ( @bee_productive ) or like my Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/BeeProductive ) will have heard mention of VOX over recent months. VOX is an event that has now happened, and here is my account of it! Firstly just a quick explanation of what VOX is. VOX is the UK’s conference for all … More Vox 2013

The sound of silence

Sorry folks.. I haven’t written a blog this month. In my defense it’s because I’ve been too busy. But just so you don’t miss me too much I’ll post a blog I wrote for a friend a year ago. He was involved in a project called ‘Pictures of Love’ and asked me (and a number of others) … More The sound of silence


Welcome to the new blog page. I hope over time you will find something here to interest you. I just thought I’d write a quick intro here to let you know what you might find here over time. My intention is to write something here at least once a month, aiming to publish on the … More Welcome