A Sound A Day – February.

Another month, another collection of sounds recorded. The challenges of getting recordings that are good enough quality continue.When it gets to 7pm and I still haven’t recorded anything things can get dicey! This month I’ve been surprised by what’s been downloaded from Freesound the most. The most downloaded recording of February has been from February 7th … More A Sound A Day – February.

Never trust a skinny chef

So you’ve decided that you want to be a sound engineer – and why wouldn’t you? In those social occasions when you’re having one of those Top-Trumps-‘What-do-you-do-for-a -living?’ conversations with people you’ve never met before you’ll trump teachers & nurses and wipe the floor with accountants and traffic wardens in the glamour stakes. All conversation … More Never trust a skinny chef


It’s been a busy month this month, so I’ve not had opportunity to think about and prepare a blog. So here’s an account of my musical awakening instead. I grew up in a musically fairly conservative household. My parents owned an average number of records which consisted of my Mum’s Beatles LPs and a lot … More Epiphany

Mic choice for VOs

This month I thought I’d have a brief look at microphones. These are obviously a massively important part of the recording chain and a huge topic to write about, so this time I want to skip the basics (I could well return to those at a later date) and consider microphone choice for voiceovers. So … More Mic choice for VOs

Try not to breathe

Time to write a blog that’s about actual sound production methinks… I need you to listen to this audio clip before you read further. Over the course of this year I’ve been reading quite a few blogs written by people involved in the VO industry. Some have been written by voiceovers, and some by producers … More Try not to breathe

Sound thinking

Picture the scene. My band are booked to play at an event which is a multi media conference (rather than a multimedia conference). We have a brief soundcheck and then wander off for a bit. When we re-enter the venue before we play the venue manager greets us and says that they’re having real problems … More Sound thinking

Vox 2013

Those of you who follow me on Twitter ( @bee_productive ) or like my Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/BeeProductive ) will have heard mention of VOX over recent months. VOX is an event that has now happened, and here is my account of it! Firstly just a quick explanation of what VOX is. VOX is the UK’s conference for all … More Vox 2013