VOX 2018

We had a great weekend at VOX 2018 this weekend and also presented our first B Double E sponsorship stand. I was great to talk to people about their audio and branding queries, with the t-shirts getting a good amount of attention too. Rob even got to present the 1st VOX Award of the evening to Guy… Continue reading VOX 2018

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Fit-for-purpose audio

I spend a lot of my time producing voiceovers, consulting VOs on their studio set-ups & upgrades, and training VOs in production techniques. I am, these days, what you’d call a veteran of the industry and have produced thousands of radio ads, telephone on hold & IVR messages, television content, railway station announcements, corporate VOs,… Continue reading Fit-for-purpose audio

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A Sound A Day – February.

Another month, another collection of sounds recorded. The challenges of getting recordings that are good enough quality continue.When it gets to 7pm and I still haven't recorded anything things can get dicey! This month I've been surprised by what's been downloaded from Freesound the most. The most downloaded recording of February has been from February 7th… Continue reading A Sound A Day – February.