A Sound A Day – February.

Another month, another collection of sounds recorded. The challenges of getting recordings that are good enough quality continue.When it gets to 7pm and I still haven’t recorded anything things can get dicey! This month I’ve been surprised by what’s been downloaded from Freesound the most. The most downloaded recording of February has been from February 7th … More A Sound A Day – February.

A sound a day 2017

Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter may have noticed me post ‘A sound a day’ since January 1st. I thought I’d write a short blog here to introduce the project more fully and explain the parameters I’ve set myself. You’ve probably got friends who have done ‘a photo a day’ for … More A sound a day 2017

Studio Tickling Tours.

Those of you who follow me on social media may have seen posts where I announce that I’m about to do what I call a Studio Tickling Tour and ask interested parties to get in touch. I thought it was about time that I explained exactly what a Studio tickling Tour is so you can decide whether … More Studio Tickling Tours.

Voiceover Showreels

For a pro voiceover one of the most important marketing tools is your VO showreel(s). This is where potential customers will hear your voice and decide whether your tone is what they’re looking for to represent their product or service. So whether you’re new to the voiceover industry or an old hand it’s always worth … More Voiceover Showreels

not a blog

So last month, with the best intentions in the world I was too busy to write a new blog. Sorry about that (well, sort of sorry. I was earning an income so I can’t be too sorry!). This month I  knew the same would be the case, but I didn’t want to miss 2 months … More not a blog


It’s been a busy month this month, so I’ve not had opportunity to think about and prepare a blog. So here’s an account of my musical awakening instead. I grew up in a musically fairly conservative household. My parents owned an average number of records which consisted of my Mum’s Beatles LPs and a lot … More Epiphany

Digital revolting

As I sit to write this blog I’m not at home. I’m sitting in a little holiday cottage in Suffolk enjoying a well earned break (well I think it’s well earned anyway). So you may be forgiven in thinking that I’m closed for business, but you’d be wrong. This opportunity seems as good as any … More Digital revolting

The sound of silence

Sorry folks.. I haven’t written a blog this month. In my defense it’s because I’ve been too busy. But just so you don’t miss me too much I’ll post a blog I wrote for a friend a year ago. He was involved in a project called ‘Pictures of Love’ and asked me (and a number of others) … More The sound of silence