Editing and production


Whether you’re stacked out with voicing, or quoting on a very intricate job that you’d rather not edit yourself wouldn’t it be nice to have someone on hand you can trust to take care of editing, naming, file conversion and all those other bits that have little to do with the actual voicing bit.

Well, get in touch with Bee Productive. All work is undertaken to be as ‘invisible’ as required to your client and prices are kept low so you don’t lose out. Every effort will be made to meet your deadline. Get in touch early and we can provide you with a quote so you can include our costs in your quote, or get in touch late and we’ll take over and finish the job. Either way you can get on with other work confident that your project is in safe hands.

Get in touch for more information.

“As a busy Voiceover, to have the exceptional production skills of Rob Bee available to me, adds great value to my business. Being able to offer a ‘complete service’ to all my clients is so important, whilst remaining competitive and reliable at all times.”

Mel Hampshire – www.melhampshire.com


“Rob was a great assets to the production of VOX in 2013. He helped with the production of collating all the voice demos and making them all sound the best thy could be and of equal measure. A helpful, trustworthy and honest guy, who we would work with again! I also had him help me out with one of my demos and he went beyond the call of duty! :-)”

Posy Brewer – www.thevoiceovervoice.co.uk