Are you looking for an audio producer who can pick up your brief and run with it?

Maybe you’re an independent voiceover artist seeking technical advice, a production company in need of a sound engineer. Bee Productive can help by providing audio production, freelance or studio and software training services.

Services for Voiceovers

Bee Productive audio services for voiceovers.

Bee Productive wants to making the working life of a voiceover artist that little bit simpler.

Studio upgrades and troubleshooting

Rob Bee from Bee Productive studio upgrades

If you’re just setting up your home studio, upgrading your equipment, have a problem or just wanting to get the best out of what you already have Bee Productive is on hand to help.

Showreel Production

Rob Bee from Bee Productive showreel in production.

For voiceovers, your showreel is one of the most important pieces of audio you have to deal with as it is what you will use to get work.

Audio Training

Bee Productive voiceover audio training.

With experience in Audition, Pro Tools, Sound Forge, Audacity and more, Rob has spent time teaching a number of jobbing VOs how to get the best out of their software.