Are you looking for an audio producer who can pick up your brief and run with it?

Maybe you’re an independent voiceover artist seeking technical advice, a production company in need of a sound engineer. Bee Productive can help by providing audio production, freelance or studio and software training services.

Corporate Audio Production

Whether you need audio producing for a radio or television, website, telecoms system, audiobook or similar Bee Productive has the experience and facilities to produce audio at the highest quality.

Freelance Sound Engineer

Rob’s wide-ranging experience and technical know-how set him up well to be a first-class freelance sound engineer.

Showreel Production

  For voiceovers, your showreel is one of the most important pieces of audio you have to deal with as it is what you will use to get work. You need it to be as well produced as possible to give your prospective clients confidence in you and your brand. No fuss, no faff. Just… Continue reading Showreel Production

Audio Training

Audio production is not an easy thing. Most people can find their way around the basics of editing software, but most software does much more than the basics and includes many short cuts and utilities that can increase the quality and efficiency of what we do.

Explainer Animations

More people are realising the power of short films to illustrate and explain aspects of their work.

Live sound

With over 20 years’ experience of live sound, Bee Productive is very well able to meet the needs of musicians in a calm and organised way.