Audio Training

Audio production is not an easy thing…

Most people can find their way around the basics of editing software, but most software does much more than the basics and includes many shortcuts and utilities that can increase the quality and efficiency of what we do.

An increasing number of clients require a finished piece of audio. Being able to offer a fuller production service can win you more work and increase your confidence in pitching for more complex jobs. Rob can help.

Rob is an excellent and patient teacher – he takes time to explain and demonstrate things very clearly and I certainly learnt some new tricks! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his training to others.

Trish Bertram | Voiceover

With experience in Audition, Pro Tools, Sound Forge, Audacity and others Rob has spent time teaching a number of jobbing VOs how to get the best out of their software. This can be done either as a one to one session in person or via Skype. Rob can also run day group sessions teaching specific programs or techniques.

Rob is a mentor and trainer for Gravy For The Brain who provide world-leading voiceover training and resources. He was also nominated for ‘Best Voiceover Service Provider’ at the 2019 One Voice Conference Awards.

Investment tip: I’ve just spent 4 hours in the company of Rob Bee. Very productive evening of learning. If you fancy a bit of education as to why things work, how things work, which will ultimately lead to getting more work then give him a call. Got an issue with your software? Want to get the most of your kit? He is a minefield of knowledge. Now, I know a fair bit about my kit and how it works, but there were some bits I felt I needed to know more about and Rob sorted me out. Bee Productive… and book a visit.

Guy Harris | Voiceover

Despite working 99% of the time on my own from my own studio, I need to know I can develop my skills so that I can always meet the needs of my clients. I turned to Rob for training and will be back in the future. He was flexible in fitting around my schedule, cost-effective, and most importantly – effective. It’s a great resource to have easy access to!

Emma Hignett | Voiceover

A very big thank you to Rob Bee of Bee Productive. I have learned more about Pro Tools recording software/hardware in one day than I have done in the last 5 years.. thank you. I would recommend Rob to any voiceovers who would like to enhance their recording technical abilities.

Robb Dee Voiceover

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