Live sound

With over 20 years’ experience of live sound, Bee Productive is very well able to meet the needs of musicians in a calm and organised way.

Rob’s keen musical ear and experience on stage mean performers are as relaxed as possible – confident that the front of house sound is sorted.

There has scarcely been a touring artist that has not complimented Rob on the quality of his live sound output, his reassuring confidence, and his ability to calm the nerves! Many of our upcoming and emerging talent have also entrusted Rob to produce their demos and albums.

Pete Hardman, Garstang Unplugged

Rob regularly mixes for international touring artists as well as open mic nights where everything including the kitchen sink is thrown at him for two songs. He also has experience in conference sound and has regularly manned the desk for funeral services at a local church.

Rob has consistently worked his magic – sensitive to the sound I’m looking for and able to create a superb mix where multi-instruments vie for prominence. He is extremely talented at creating just the right sound.

Steve Ripley, Musician