Studio upgrades and troubleshooting

If you’re just setting up your home studio, upgrading your equipment, have a problem or just wanting to get the best out of what you already have Bee Productive is on hand to help.

Rob has worked at the very top end of voiceover production, and working with the very best VOs in the country has provided a fantastic insight into what you need from your studio set up.

From choosing equipment to acoustic advice, we can help get the very best out of your studio. Rob can find you the equipment you need, fit it and teach you how to use it. Bee Productive can keep your studio up and running and sounding sweet, so whether you’re just looking to replace a small piece of equipment or need a more comprehensive overhaul Rob can help.

My studio after Rob has been in and sorted it out for me. It sounds amazing! The acoustics are fantastic. He’s done such a great job and I’m really happy with it… it’s incredible!

Rebecca Courtney

Before and after – an audio sample from Rebecca Courtney’s home studio

I had an issue with my setup which had been annoying me for a while – there was a buzzing in my cans that didn’t manifest itself on my recording so I simply put up with it. Rob identified the problem, remedied it for me and checked all my connections and routing to ensure that it was all set up correctly. I can highly recommend Rob for all your audio needs, he’s a great guy and extremely knowledgeable.

Darren Altman | Voiceover

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