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Bee Productive wants to making the working life of a voiceover artist that little bit simpler.

The voiceover industry has changed massively over the last decade. It’s no longer enough to simply be good at voicing, you’re supposed to be able to run your own studio and produce audio to the highest quality for your client. So whatever stage of your career you’re at a little extra help in fulfilling these expectations is always welcome.

This is where Bee Productive comes in. With over a decade of experience as a VO producer and studio engineer all the help you require is at hand.

We offer services to voiceovers including:

Studio upgrades
If you’re just setting up your home studio, upgrading your equipment or just wanting to get the best out of what you already have Bee Productive is on hand to help… (click here to find out more).

Editing and production
Whether you’re stacked out with voicing, or quoting on a very intricate job that you’d rather not edit yourself wouldn’t it be nice to have someone on hand you can trust to take care of editing, naming, file conversion and all those other bits that have little to do with the actual voicing bit… (click here to find out more)

Audio production is not an easy thing. Most people can find their way around the basics of editing software, but most software does much more than the basics and includes many short cuts and utilities that can increase the quality and efficiency of what we do… (click here to find out more).

Showreel production
Your showreel is one of the most important pieces of audio you will produce. It’s often the thing that creates that all-important first impression with prospective clients, and although the quality of production shouldn’t matter, unfortunately, it does… (read more)

Get in touch with Rob to arrange a chat about any services.

I’ve worked with Rob for many years and he’s always been not only highly professional and an expert in sound production but jolly nice to work with! So I never had any doubts when I asked him to help me with some studio alterations. Initially, he talked through what I needed and gave me some options to consider – he came out quickly to install and I knew I could contact him with any problems I had. I’ll be using Rob’s services in the future!

Kate Whelan | Voiceover

I first met Rob when he ran a one-day course on Adobe Audition, which provided a valuable insight into how to use this complex software. Since then I have drawn on Rob’s expertise in audiobook editing and he has mastered several audiobook recordings for me in line with ACX specifications. He has also provided excellent advice on setting up my home studio. I’m glad to know that Rob is only an e-mail away!

Jack Reynolds | Voiceover

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