Highly recommended – Rob is approachable, generous, creative and flexible. An excellent experience making my voice reels – he tailored his service to suit my needs.

Melanie Crawley | Voiceover

My studio after Rob has been in and sorted it out for me. It sounds amazing! The acoustics are fantastic. He’s done such a great job and I’m really happy with it… it’s incredible!

Rebecca Courtney | Voiceover

Another essential value-for-money investment was a visit from studio supremo Rob Bee 🐝  from Bee Productive, who made sure everything was sounding gorgeous. Thanks Rob!

Katie Flamman | Voiceover

We love working with Rob, as you know you’re in safe hands no matter what job comes in. Whether it’s ISDN, Source Connect or a four-hour client attended session, Rob always is professional and reliable. It’s reassuring to know you can work with an audio engineer who not only gets the job done but you can trust enough to leave alone with both clients and voiceover artists for whatever it is they need!

Judith Summerton | The Voiceover Gallery

Rob is a shining light of audio wonderfulness. Seriously. He is, without hesitation, our go-to man for anything audio production or studio engineering related. Would highly recommend!

Stuart Morgan | Audio Always

I was recommended to Rob whilst working on a project that required optimisation of audio files. Rob was most helpful, his knowledge invaluable and rates more than reasonable. I have no hesitation in recommending him to you.

Martin Heaney | Sound Technologies Ltd

We started working with Bee Productive in early 2018 and have to say the service and support we receive is second to none. We have a service level within the business that is really important to our clients and Bee Productive have been instrumental in helping
maintain this SLA.

Dougie Nicol | Customer Touch Point

Lisa Armytage | Voiceover

Just watched excellent Gravy For The Brain webinar by Rob Bee: How to Edit Voiceover Audio: for Beginners. Crystal clear and very helpful refresher!

Lisa Armytage

Investment tip: Just spent 4 hours in the company of Rob Bee. A very productive evening of learning. If you fancy a bit of education as to why things work, how things work, which will ultimately lead to getting more work then give him a call. Got an issue with your software? Want to get the most of your kit? He is a minefield of knowledge.

Now, I know a fair bit about my kit and how it works, but there were some bits I felt I needed to know more about and Rob sorted me out. Bee Productive… and book a visit.

Guy Harris

Rachel Darcy | Voiceover

I have no hesitation in recommending Rob for his expertise, patience, professionalism and industry knowledge. he helped me set up my ISDN studio and is an invaluable source of technical skill for voice over artists.  Honestly, I wouldn’t use anyone else!

Rachel Darcy

Kate Whelan | Voiceover

I’ve worked with Rob for many years and he’s always been not only highly professional and an expert in sound production but jolly nice to work with! So I never had any doubts when I asked him to help me with some studio alterations. Initially, he talked through what I needed and gave me some options to consider – he came out quickly to install and I knew I could contact him with any problems I had. I’ll be using Rob’s services in the future!

Kate Whelan

Katy Maw | Voiceover

I have called upon Rob at Bee Productive a few times now to help me put together voiceover demos for particular jobs and clients. He goes above and beyond and his results are always better than I hoped they would turn out. He is a very skilled producer and editor, and that is why I would return to him for advice and service.

Katy Maw

Emma Hignett | Voiceover

When you’re getting a new demo produced find someone you trust who’s got a great ear… that way you will like and even be pleasantly surprised by the result! Rob Bee did me proud!

Emma Hignett

Lindsay Abbott | Voiceover

Rob has been very helpful in providing me with tuition on Adobe Audition when I re-vamped my voiceover studio. He offered practical technical support, but also some additional tips on providing the best audio possible for my clients, invaluable to any professional voiceover artist who is keen to set high standards on their audio output. If you need some technical help with your studio set up, or some audio software tuition at reasonable rates, get in touch with Rob!

Lindsay Abbott

Janine Cooper Marshall | Voiceover

Had great fun when I used Bee Productive. Speaking via Skype, Rob very patiently managed to talk a technophobe like me through taking an ISDN card out of my old computer and placing it in my new one.  It took a while, but it worked! And at a reasonable price too, which is why I had no hesitation in hiring Rob to do the final production on some stories I recently narrated. They sound lovely. Highly recommended.

Janine Cooper Marshall

I have known Rob for several years. He is a first-class sound engineer… cool, calm and organised. Rob has also worked for me in his other capacity as a studio consultant. He successfully sourced an ISDN Codec for me at a very competitive price and had it installed in my studio the same day. I would recommend to Rob to anyone who needs a professional sound-man.

Tony Hawkins

Posy Brewer | Voiceover

Rob was a great asset to the production of VOX in 2013. He helped with the production of collating all the voice demos and making them all sound the best they could be and of equal measure. A helpful, trustworthy and honest guy, who we would work with again! I also had him help me out with one of my demos and he went beyond the call of duty! 🙂

Posy Brewer

After having the same home studio set up for many years, I knew it was time for some adjustments to keep things running perfectly. Rob knew exactly what I meant when I explained my situation, provided me with several brilliant options and help me select the best one for my circumstances.

The end result has meant that I am working from a studio that sounds the best it ever has, thanks to Rob’s guidance.  He has an unbelievable amount of knowledge on all things audio (but doesn’t bamboozle with techie terms!) and will remain my first port of call as I need advice, equipment upgrades or input on keeping my studio sounding great over the years to come.

Elisa Canas

Phil Sayer | Sayer Hamilton

Many thanks, Rob, for coming to our rescue when we needed you urgently. Entirely because of you, we were able to recover unscathed from a technical disaster, and get back to work sooner than we ever thought possible.

A huge thank you from the team at Sayer Hamilton for your skill, knowledge, patience and efficiency – and for just being a great bloke!

Phil Sayer

Philip Banks | Voiceover

Oh yes, Rob Bee of Bee Productive! Always there when I need him and that counts for a lot.

Philip Banks

Jo Lamb | Voiceover

The best thing about Rob is that I can 100% categorically rely on him! Quick and efficient service, bang on spec and work is always returned with a smile 😀

Jo Lamb

Fran Guy | Voiceover

Rob offers great peace of mind to the techno shy Vo like myself. I now have a foible free studio with the right kit in it for me.  This was achieved calmly and confidently by someone who understands VO. If you’ve any niggling doubts or it’s time to upgrade and you’re not sure what you need, invest in a bit of Bee time!

Fran Guy

John Mundy | Voiceover

Rob assisted me in refurbishing my voice-over studio. He made several long-distance visits to assess my requirements before spending many hours researching and sourcing a range of equipment options. His rates are very reasonable and I can’t recommend Rob’s service highly enough.

John Mundy

The voiceover network logo

Rob Bee is a brilliant sound engineer! He is fantastic to work with and really knows his stuff. I’ve been on his workshops and I learnt a huge amount from him. If you are looking for a sound engineer, help running a home recording studio or someone to run workshops I would highly recommend him.

Rachael Naylor, The Voiceover Network

Bruce Duncan | Voiceover

If you have any audio-related issues, Rob can help.  I purchased some extra gear for my studio but was unsure of the best way to integrate it all into my existing setup. Rob brought his wealth of knowledge (& thankfully a car full of extra leads) and had my new mixer & pre-amp set up in no time. He explained how it all works in simple terms. We identified a problem with my old audio interface, and I now have everything working perfectly.  Thanks Rob.

Bruce Duncan

Mel Hampshire | Voiceover

As a busy voiceover, to have the exceptional production skills of Rob Bee available to me adds great value to my business. Being able to offer a ‘complete service’ to all my clients is so important.

Mel Hampshire

Kenny Blyth | BlythVoice

The reaction to my most recent commercial demos was great, and the production on them was mentioned numerous times. Because of Rob’s commercial past, he has a fantastic ear and his editing skills are second to none. Helpful, efficient, friendly attention to detail and always top drawer.

Kenny Blyth

No fuss, no faff. Just good clean work. Turns out the studio tickler can also use his tickling stick on demos! Thanks Mistar Gwenynen [Mr Bee] for tickling, smoothing and generally sorting out my gaming and commercial demos.

Noni Lewis

Darren Altman, voiceover

I had an issue with my setup which had been annoying me for a while – there was a buzzing in my cans that didn’t manifest itself on my recording so I simply put up with it. Rob identified the problem, remedied it for me and checked all my connections and routing to ensure that it was all set up correctly.

I can highly recommend Rob for all your audio needs, he’s a great guy and extremely knowledgeable.

Darren Altman